Mesh tinklelis

Awning mesh is a white-based, durable, light and wind permeable, moisture and UV resistant awning material. This material is used for large-format advertising prints, but is lighter than a normal awning.
This awning mesh is ideal for large-format advertising or informational poster prints.
These prints are used: as advertising on fences around sites of various events, as advertising used to disseminate information on walls around building sites, as decorations for shop windows or shops, various decorations, as elements for different design projects. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, awnings are manufactured very quickly compared to other means of outdoor advertising. On the average, we are able to manufacture 10 sq. m awning in 2–3 business days.
Print on an awning with rings for fastening. Price per 1 m².
Maximum print width – 1,550 mm, maximum print length – 5,000 mm.

To find out the exact price of a product, please select:
The format or dimensions of the product;
The colour scheme of the products: single-sided or double-sided printing;
Quantity (ordering a larger number of units reduces the price per unit);
Supplementary works (if required): lamination, corner rounding, folding, etc.;

Layout and design, files for manufacture
You have 4 options:

1.    If you have a print-ready layout in the pdf format, simply upload it to the system by clicking ‘Upload Design’.
A properly prepared layout must meet the following criteria: 
The dimensions and proportion of the uploaded file must match the options previously activated in the order;
The layout must be prepared in CMYK colours;
The file must be saved with overlaps;
The text must be curved one.

2.    Design the layout yourself! You can do this easily and for free in our online layout software ‘Custom Design’.
This tool will also allow you to upload your prepared files, edit them, check whether they are properly prepared for printing, i.e. whether the dimensions and proportions of the layout have been maintained, whether a safe distance to the edge of the print has been maintained, whether there are any overlaps etc.

3.    In the ‘Browse Design’ category you will find a wide range of templates for the product of your choice. Once you choose the one you like, you will be able to match it with your requirements: to change the text, fonts, colours, to add your logo or illustrations and to prepare the layout for printing. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Templates may not be available for specific products. 

4.    You can also order design and layout work to be made by us. The service price depends on the product chosen. The price quoted is preliminary. It may vary depending on the scope of the work, design preferences and the information provided. 

Delivery and collection of your goods
In the following ordering steps, please indicate whether delivery is required or whether you will pick up your order yourself at our office.

Standartiniai popieriaus formatai naudojami plačiaformatėje spaudoje:
A2 - 420x594mm
A1 - 594x841mm
A0 - 841x1189mm

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